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Our Philosophy

Children's well-being and positive self-belief will be supported by educators who value close and trusting relationships. Educators will work together, with families, to care for and develop each child according to their own needs. The care of children will be kept as similar as possible to the environment and life at home with family.

Learning will be embedded within play activities. Children in our centre will experience a safe, rich, flexible, artistic, experienced based, stimulating and spacious environment. This will encourage play, exploration, movement and creativity to develop self expression and skill development.

Children will be encouraged to care for and protect the environment, and spend time outdoors. Such environments encourage self-direction and active involvement, whilst stimulating language opportunities and enhancing creative ability. Nature is visually pleasing and joyful for children to be in. It provides endless stimulating, open-ended, unhurried, sensory and playful learning opportunities.